Tara-Lee Hollander

Growing up in the rural areas of the Cape Province in South Africa I was exposed to the peaceful way of life. My father was the first person to open up my mind and eyes to art around me. In more ways than one, this introduction into the arts influenced my talents and skills as I was challenged to capture my everyday world in my early sketches.

I now have 3 amazing children that are the light of my world. Adventure follows our family as we have lived in diverse places and travelled as a family through Europe for almost a year, including walking the Camino to Santiago. Each wonderful experience we have lived through, has brought an incredible depth to my art. Even though art has been a part of my life since childhood, I initially enjoyed painting as a hobby, but over the last several years I have dedicated my time and energy on my art to become an artist doing commissions for clients all over the world.

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